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Pet Care

The Dream Come to Life
- Wishbone's Animal Sanctuary -

It's safe to say dogs are family. We take them in, feed them, love them, keep them safe and happy. In turn, they give us their lives, and their infinite affection and understanding. 

We want to achieve is a world where the feeling of being loved by a loyal pup is given back to any animal who needs it most. We are hoping that our Nonprofit Organization can help to do just that, and more.

Our Journey

Watch our story unfold and stay tuned for our updates!

Home Sweet Home

May 29th 2019

The land for our Sanctuary was officially purchased! The first big hurdle. A few acres just North of Pittsburgh, near McConnells Mills, will soon be thriving with new chances at life. We still have a lot to go, equipment to purchase, and amenities to obtain, but this is a huge deal!

Bark in the Park

August 31st 2019

Our big fundraiser event is set for the end of August to help us fund the necessities to get the Sanctuary open and running. Search for our FREE event on Facebook to get more information! Updates will follow!