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Pet Care


One of the main services that we provide is in-home pet-sitting. A lot of our animals friends would prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes rather than go to a boarding facility or a kennel. And that's just fine! That is why we are here! Pet-sitting visits include walks, feeding, medications (if needed), play-time, potty time, treats, litter changing for our kitty friends, anything and everything that is in their normal routine and schedule. We also take care of all different kinds of animals. Fish, hamsters, bunnies, reptiles, you name it! We also bring in your mail and can water your plants for you as well, while you are away. 

30 Minute Visits

$15.00 per visit

*Typically our pet-sitting visits are 30 minute visits, but if you look in our dog-walking section we also have 45 and 60 minute walks we provide. We can also provide 45 and 60 minute visits for our pet-sitting visits as well.*

*Small additional charges apply for multiple animal homes*