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Pet Care

Pet Grooming

We provide full-service-in your home grooming. We bring our own little table and all the tools and items necessary for the full grooming experience. We have noticed that a lot of animals are more comfortable getting cleaned up in the comfort of their own home rather than going out to a shop. (Not that shops are a bad thing in anyway.) We try and make the experience as pleasant, quick and easy-going as possible. Look below for some different options.

If you would prefer to have your pup groomed OUT of home, feel free to contact us about that option, as well. 

Full Grooming

This option includes hair cut of your choosing, nail trim, ear cleaning, bath, anal gland expression and a nice blow dry. Whenever we arrive you can show us where you would like us to set up, the best place for bathing (laundry tubs, bath tubs, sinks, showers, hose, ext.) and we will get right down to it!


If you're not in need for a full grooming, no worries at all, we can provide you with just what you need. Just a bath? Just nails? Just ear cleaning?

Can do.

We can do any combination of the 3.

*Contact us for grooming quotes*

Poop Scooping

We will come to your home, and clean your yard of pet waste so that they have a nice, clean yard to romp around in!

*Prices vary depending on frequency and number of pup friends-contact for quote*