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Pet Care

Jamie McCabe

Owner / Founder
Walker / Sitter / Groomer

My name is Jamie McCabe.  I fell in love with a dog named Wishbone at an animal shelter when I was 9 years old.  I was finally allowed to get a dog. When I looked at him I just fell in love.  That dog was there for me more than you can ever imagine.  He has left me with a beautiful business, that he inspired, which is growing and expanding like wildfire, and he continues to watch over me from the clouds everyday.

Christina Grimes

Dog walker / Pet sitter

When I was little my dad inspired a love of animals and nature in me.  He would take me to the woods, and let me bring home toads and salamanders.  He got me a mouse after we saw Stuart Little, and he was also the one that got me my first cat.  My dad passed when I was ten years old, but that love has never left me.  After high school I studied business management, and when Jamie told me about her dream I knew I had to sign on to help make this amazing dream of hers a reality.  To be able to work with animals for the rest of my life is a dream come true already. 

Ben Case

Full-time Employee
Dog walker / Pet sitter 

I am a devout pet owner and lover.  I grew up owning and caring for all kinds of animals from cats and dogs to gerbils and parakeets.  When I heard about Wishbones for the first time, I knew this is what I wanted to do.  My goal is to one day become a professional dog trainer, because i like to see the different personalities in each dog.  Toby (my buddy over there) and I, have been together for close to ten years now.  I hope in the future I can meet a lot of great pups like him. 

Karly Harris

Part-time Employee
Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

Bio Coming Soon!

Mikkala Raleigh

Part-time Employee
Dog Walker / Pet Sitter

As a nurse and pet lover, I am thrilled to care for every living being.  I have had a multitude of pets my entire life.  From mice, gerbils, hamsters, cats, dogs, fish, rabbits; I loved each and every one of them dearly.  I thoroughly enjoy working for Wishbone's as it never really feels like work.  It is one of the best jobs I ever had...