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Pet Care

About Us

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We are a dedicated group of pet care professionals located in the south hills of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We currently offer services such as dog walking, pet sitting, overnight visits, grooming, nail trimming, and poop scooping all from the comfort of your own home.  It is our mission to care and love for all animals as if they were our own.  That's why we are fully insured through Pet Sitters Associates L.L.C. and have been pet first aid and CPR certified so that you can rest easy knowing your furry loved ones are in good hands.  We are not against kennels in any way, but we know that not all dogs like to stay in kennels.  Some pups get nervous being around so many other dogs, and they would be much happier staying at home where they are comfortable.  That's where we come in.  We are here to be your pet's best friend while you're away.  To get started with Wishbone's just drop us a line, and we'll set up a complimentary meet and greet with you and your pet.  Meet and greets are where we get to introduce ourselves to you, and get familiar with your pets.  We also give you a welcome packet, and go over a service agreement with you so that if anything were to ever happen on either end both parties will be fully protected.  

The Wishbone Dream

Our dream, the Wishbone dream, is to one day create an animal sanctuary.  A place where we can take animals in need, give them a safe place to live, help them to heal, and give them a loving home.  I am now forming a team of people to work with me.  They're going to help me raise money so that we may someday purchase a HUGE plot of land, and save animals of all kinds, from all places, and give them  a second chance at life.

The people on my team are picked by my heart.  They will provide your animals with the same love, service, heart, and care as I would.  They are 100% behind the Wishbone dream, and I couldn’t do it without them.  

Click Donate for my GoFundMe page to help make the sanctuary a reality!

My Special Boy, Wishbone

In Loving Memory

"Walking through the rows of many happy faces, wagging tails, and curled up pups snoozing, dreaming of a forever home; one young man’s sparkling brown eyes stole my heart, and that was that.

Eight years later Wishbone is still here for me, and always will be.  When I’m crying he dries my tears with kisses, and nudges my hand laying his head upon my lap in concern.  When I’m happy he is right next to me smiling.  When we are playing he pounces and prances around with his toys like the big goofball he is, never letting me frown for a minute.  When he’s sleepy he plops right down next to me, and cuddles up for some sweet dreams of chasing rabbits.

I love Wishbone; from his big freckled paws to his black wet nose.  Thank you Wishbone for being my best friend through everything.  You’ve watched me grow up, and you’ve helped me become a better person, somebody to be proud of.  You’re more than a best friend to me; you’re my baby, and my furry soul mate.  You’ve left your paw prints all over my heart, Wishbone, and I promise you they are here to stay."

-Jamie McCabe

Founder of Wishbone's

wishbone the dog and jamie